Wednesday, June 19, 2013

finished and progress

this is the latest finished knitting project

I used the same pattern that I use for the afghan squares that I make for Close Knit Hugs, but I just kept going with this one, using up almost all of that blue fuzzy yarn that just doesn't play well with other yarns 

the completion of this project means the next knitting on the list is a Christmas project that there will be no pictures of until after Christmas -- sorry folks, you'll have to take my word for the progress on this one!

the background on this is almost done! 

and I've changed my mind about which competition this piece is going to -- which means I have about 3 weeks less to get it finished than I originally had -- uh, well, sometimes I just have to make things more difficult!

the back of it will be just these lovely black beads, however, so it shouldn't take as long to do that part as this piece took

when I posted the first picture of part of this green block, Alison commented that it made her think of the work of Piet Mondrian

as with much of my "serious" art education, I went right away and googled his name 

I can see why she said that

and I liked the look so well that I decided to springboard from where I was and just started adding squares and strips to the green one

and the yellow one too

I'm not sure exactly what this will look like when I get it finished, but it does have a title -- "Homage to Mondrian"


in terms of titles for art pieces, I have decided to title the peacock piece "Doodle Bird", and since it now has a title, today I will get the label done and then I can get this thing off in the mail for the Hoffman Challenge 


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AlisonH said...

I like Doodle Bird. And Homage to Mondrian. Whimsy and heritage (said the daughter of an art dealer.)