Saturday, June 08, 2013

let the knitting begin

the L O N G awaited knitting needles have at last arrived!!

I ended up with better stuff than I had originally ordered, so I'll probably be happier in the long run with these anyway

right now I'm nearing the finish line on this afghan that I've been working on, so my plan now is to finish this up before I start on the project that I need those needles for

one finished -- two to go!

this is coming out really well -- even better than I imagined it would

yesterday I trimmed the edges of the peacock piece -- now to figure out the facing -- which won't be hard except around that branch that extends out of the quilt -- there always needs to be a little added challenge

hoping to get the dragonfly quilted today too

time to get to that

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AlisonH said...

Are those the Webs needles?