Thursday, June 06, 2013

finished and begun

 the bracelet is finished

this looks so much better to me than the original did, and it "wears" better -- much more comfortable on the wrist


and of course as soon as one piece is finished, I'm into the next one

I put in the order that included the black beads I need for the background of this, which should be here in the next couple of days, so I'm starting on the roses

so far I'm pleased with how this looks

my daughter asked me to put patches on the knees of this pair of Mr Cute's pants -- it's been a while since I did this kind of mending -- fun!  

now these are ready to go back to the little guy

time to get to work on projects

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

It's beautiful!

And the patches made me grin. Little boys--yes. I once bought some Lands End sweats, y'know, the really heavy-duty ones, for my then-little boy. Who I later found up in a tree, his pants torn, but oh so proud of himself.