Tuesday, June 25, 2013

inching along

working on the gusset

and when I played with fitting the pieces together last night, discovered that I will probably have to add some more beading at both ends of the gusset -- typical

another block complete

which means I'm now down to the last one -- and it's purple

and then there will be the arranging and figuring and trying to decide where this is going next -- how do you create a square wheel?

 the next step in the big quilted piece I'm creating has begun

once I figured out the technical issue with printing out the pattern, the next step is to tape the whole full size thing together

and after that I'll be tracing the pattern onto a very thin, non-woven interfacing type material that will be the "quilt by number" guide for the placement of all of the pieces

I got the top half (in two pieces) taped together -- and because the fabric I will be tracing onto is only about as wide as these are, I'll be doing that drawing on each individual quarter then stitching it all together 

this is a BIG piece -- the finished quilt is going to be about 5 foot by 7 foot -- lap quilts need to be big enough to be actually used!

last night the big black dog did a lot of pacing around, wanting to go out into the yard in the dark, keeping the humans in the house awake --- it's not exactly totally unusual behavior considering the weather and the smoke load in the air --- I saw some of this behavior last summer too --- but I'm not letting her out there in the dark --- too much wild life wandering the area (last year we had bears in the neighborhood during the fire season) -- so now she's sleeping and I'd like to be but there are too many other things that need to get done

time to get to those

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AlisonH said...

Wow. I've taken a flashlight outside in the yard so I wouldn't (hopefully) surprise a skunk, but I've never had to worry about bears!