Sunday, June 23, 2013

Progress: projects, fire and dog

I made a lot of progress on projects yesterday

this is the back side of the beaded roses project

lots and lots of rows of black beads -- I'm closing in on the center!  

today I hope to get into the fabric stash and find something that can serve as the lining for this

 another of the blocks for the quilt is complete

and I started on the orange one yesterday

need to cut some more black strips before I can stitch any more of it

this piece has really been a happening --- so very different from everything else I've been working on that it's a sort of "rest stop" in the daily work

since I'm spending so much time paying attention to what the dog is doing, I've been thinking about this quilt idea some more

this is a sort of "slice of life" quilt (as is the smart camper piece) and I've realized as I've worked on the drawings for these that I enjoy doing this sort of theme

I think I've got a series going here (now if I can just get enough studio time to convert them out of drawings into real pieces!)

this was sunset last night

the whole western sky bright orange as we still have a very heavy load of particulates in the air from the many, many fires burning in our state

the latest update on the Black Forest fire -- 511 lost homes -- 100% contained -- and folks are being allowed back into the area to assess what is left -- all this while yesterday an art exhibit about last year's Waldo Canyon Fire opened locally

the irony of that is not lost on me

we do not like the cone of shame

this picture, snapped this morning after breakfast

yesterday she slept a lot and was able to be "cone free" for a lot of the day as she was leaving the wound alone

not so much this morning -- she's feeling much more alert, wandering around the house successfully as a tripod -- putting some weight on her leg -- running into walls with the cone

because she is much more interested in applying her tongue as "medicine" to the area, she will be in the cone except for meals and walks for the duration of the healing process

(I think I'll be sporting bruises on my shins for the next little while!)


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AlisonH said...

Oh oops on those shins. That's a gorgeous sunset, but I hope there are no more fires and that everybody stays safe.

So will you have a quilt square with a cone-iferous dog sketch in it?