Saturday, June 15, 2013

the escape plan and we have an app for that

sunrise this morning -- off the deck at my daughter's house

since the DH was feeling pretty good after his surgery on Thursday, we decided to take our daughter up on her invitation to come and visit for the weekend

so we packed up the dog, closed up the house and escaped

even though it is still hot (in the 90s), her house has air conditioning and there is significantly less smoke in the air

enough smoke for spectacular sunrise pictures -- there are no clouds in that shot, just particulates in the air

the last report I heard last night was that we have lost 419 homes and there are two confirmed deaths in the Black Forest Fire --- there was actual RAIN on the burn area yesterday afternoon, and the report is there is 30% containment

these two ballpoint sketches were done yesterday morning while I was waiting for the fabric store to open -- I had begun an art piece that was fire themed last summer but had put it aside when I had some issues getting the look I wanted -- I'm going to be revisiting that

 we were so early getting to the fabric store that we had to wait for them to open the door -- I love this picture of my daughter holding Mr Cute -- I love the sun hat, especially with the sun glasses perched on top of his head 

somewhere I have a photo of my daughter, just a little older that Mr Cute is now with her sunglasses on top of her head --- 

sooooooo CUTE!!

this is a smart phone ---- going old school!

yes, I know, there is an app for post it notes

but as my daughter pointed out, it takes longer to find the app and create the post it than this old paper and pen method

I love this!  she is SO my child here

today's activities involved a trip to the fabric store and some sewing -- I'm making summer sun hats for the boys (Mr Cute and two of his friends) and my daughter is going to start putting together a quilt top for Mr Cute's new bed

time to get moving!

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