Sunday, June 16, 2013

while in escape mode

while I've been hanging out with my daughter, we decided the time had come to create some new drapes for her living room

ta da!

we did four windows -- this is a great softly "drape-y" fabric -- a no-whale corduroy that was on sale and was the perfect color

the previous curtains were more of a cafe style, made of a lighter weight fabric -- and being the frugal folk we are, those old curtains became the facings and the casings and the tie backs for the new set

it's about time for Mr Cute to move to a "big boy" bed, and his mommy wanted to make him a quilt that reflects his latest interests --- big equipment!

she's putting together a split rail pattern, and this is one of the two prints --- great stuff!

when she finishes the top, I'll machine quilt it for her 

like me, she sews in bare feet -- except the petal for the older machine she is using actually gets too warm to comfortable touch with a bare foot -- so this afternoon she was wearing one pink leopard print sock

it's what the best dressed mom quilter wears!

and saved the best for last ---- Mr Cute and his mom reviewing the car section of the Sunday paper --- it's all about the cars and trucks and jeeps!

tomorrow it's back to something that resembles a normal routine --- sort of!

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AlisonH said...

Oh, what a sweet picture! I love it!