Monday, June 03, 2013


and here it is -- it's the best photo I can get until it actually gets hung!

I have to say that when I spread it out on the floor and got my first look at it I had that "did I do that" feeling --- it's pretty cool

this little project is finished too

every year I make some little fiber "toy" for my son in law -- he's gotten dogs and horses and turtles in the past

this one is "Link" from the Legend of Zelda which is a game he plays 

this was a fun project -- if somewhat frustrating at a couple of points because the instructions were not the clearest, but I'm pleased with the finished product

back the 3rd of May I had ordered knitting needles to do the annual Christmas knitting project -- as of this morning they STILL had not even shipped from the place I ordered them from

so this morning I cancelled that order and placed a special order with an Etsy supplier --- once again the small business wins out because of superior service! If you're looking to pick up some needles, you may want to check out Jennifer's shop KnitOneSlipOne  

in going through the beads I have on hand I discovered that I have enough shades of pink/red to do the flowers, but I'm short on enough black beads to do the background of the front, without even considering if I'll be doing the gusset and the back with beads

so I need to make a small order for those -- and while I'm doing that I will order some others that I have used up with recent projects --- like the two shades of gold I'm using in that stone bracelet which I have used almost all of

it's supposed to be hot today, so this would be a good time to spray the weeds on the side of the house --- and there is the usual laundry

need to get moving on those things so I can get into the studio!


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AlisonH said...

Oh that's PRETTY! was what I exclaimed as that picture opened up, instantly wishing you could have heard me.