Wednesday, June 26, 2013

rolling along

the last of the big blocks all complete!

now it's on to figuring out how to put all these pieces together --- I'll be fiddling with some ideas to work this out

the taping together is all finished, the interfacing has been pressed --- let the drawing of the "quilt by number" grid begin!

and all of the beading on the black piece is complete too -- I'm waiting for the fray check to dry so I can start on putting it together

remember this?

I'll be doing the paperwork and shipping it off in the next couple of days

yup, the Doodle Bird will be flying off to the competition --- keeping my fingers crossed!

she is sitting in her "waiting spot" the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room that she likes to hang out in when one of us is cooking
we did better with the sleeping last night (YEAH!) and the bandage finally came off (I pulled the last inch or so of tape)

things are looking up!

a week from today we should be cone free -- that will be another big milestone!!

until then we have the creepy alien look going on


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