Saturday, June 22, 2013

time out to be the "puppy mommy"

our big black dog is sporting a new "do" -- 

she had surgery yesterday morning on her left knee -- which of course means they shaved that leg so they could do the operation

that little square patch on her back above her tail is where they did the epidural 

moving her into the house from the van meant putting her in a "sling" -- a band under her tummy to hold up her back legs that were still pretty sedated

when she's unsupervised she has to wear the "cone of shame"

it may seem like a mean thing, but in truth it is the very best medicine --- she has stitches in that knee and the possibility of her licking or chewing it open is very real

so until the incision heals, we'll be dealing with the cone

this morning she is moving around some and the feeling in her tail seems to have returned (last night it just hung limp -- this morning she's moving it)

we will begin physical therapy this morning -- a 10 minute mom-aided walk followed by massage, range of motion exercise, ice pack and then more pain killers and a nap

this will be the routine for the next few days as the leg gets stronger

yesterday, while I was waiting for the vet to call and tell me I could come and get the dog, I spent some time at the sewing machine

last weekend my daughter had picked up this fabric that she wanted me to make into a skirt

I was able to get this all finished

this is great fabric -- I love the pattern and the colors -- and in some ways it's more my style than my daughter's has been

cool -- I'm happy to make it for her

time to get moving -- things to get done

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AlisonH said...

Cheerful fabric! That's going to make a happy skirt.

Thinking healing thoughts towards your sweet dog.