Tuesday, March 09, 2010

bits and pieces

all of the turtle parts have been knit

there's the body and the legs and the top and bottom of the shell and the "vest" (that holds the shell on to the body)

this is a really cute little critter

(and I can imagine one with multiple changes of shell for the holidays -- red & green, black & orange, pastels -- never mind)

today I will work on getting him all stitched together and stuffed, then I can mark him off my "To Do" list

this is all done except for the sleeve on the back to hang it

notice the "bubbles" from the fish -- those are pearls, and then there is the little "clam farm" there at the bottom

I was going to add some coral over there on the lower right hand corner, but the holes in the little pieces of coral are so tiny I can't put even my smallest needle through them

I do like the way this came out

onward and upward!

PS: don't forget there will be a prize drawing here in a few days!

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