Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Little Bunny FooFoo

ok, my dog is officially loosing her mind

this little cutie spent a lot of yesterday hanging out in our front yard

where upon our big Labrador feels it is necessary to have all the hair down the center of her back stand up on end (making her even bigger and fiercer looking, don't you know) and adopting her official "I'm a very big dog" voice to bark like a total ninny

the rabbit is adorable, but should he take even on little nibble out of my freshly emerging daffodils, I may take that big dog out in the front yard

this is the progress being made on the latest beading project

I love the look of these!

and while right now I'm concentrating on finishing up the necklace that is planned with these particular pieces (which entails also doing a "swoosh" from the top edge that runs the other way), a plan is starting to form to make some similarly shaped pieces into a brooch

the first one of these "swoosh" forms took three tries and my finally sitting down and copying out the instructions row by row on cards so I could keep the count right

the other three were completed in about the same time it took me to do that first one -- which is about normal when learning something brand new

yup, I think I'm going to really like the final look of this

this is what one can accomplish while sitting and waiting for maintenance to be done on one's vehicle

yesterday I had to take the van in because both the brake light and the engine light had come on and I know how quickly ignoring those lights can add up to big bucks in repair bills, so it had to go in

it could have been a lot worse, but even so, $310 makes a big whole in our budget for this month

meantime, another afghan square is complete - number 2 for this box

doing 59 more of these in the next week may help that budget thing

in the past few years I've done these for the Nevada City Bear Convention

several of those years I did them in exchange for a discount on my show entry fee

this year I'm getting paid for them

it's a good thing

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AlisonH said...

(Being paid is a good thing, and congratulations on that!) Keep up all the good work!