Monday, March 15, 2010

Swooshy necklace complete!

this came out nicely

and it looks different depending on what it is with

I'm still considering using the technique to create a pin too

we'll see how that goes

but meantime, since the swooshy piece was done, I got out the beads I bought to create what I'm thinking of as the Egyptian

let me tell you, working those gold beads up into 3 layers of right angle weave just about had me tearing my hair

not that the stitch is difficult, no, just that those little beads are all reflective, so by the time you get to the third layer, everything is a blur even with the brand new glasses and the full spectrum light

I do love the look of this bead however, so I'm going to keep working on the project
another strip for the afghan is complete

this one is another fairly plain pattern, but it is the right size!

I started another strip last night, but it is a variegated yarn, so it may look a lot different

the cuff and base of another mitten is complete too

these are the four corner fish for the Hoffman Challenge piece

the original drawing included appliqued eyes, but that was just too much

if they get eyes it will be beads added when I'm doing the finishing

so now it's on to the big fish block that goes in the center

I took a piece of the laminating plastic that I had on hand and just fused it together so I have a light weight sheet of plastic that I can draw on with a sharpie marker

the plan is to draw the fish for the big block on that and cut the pieces apart as I go, then use the clear plastic pattern to select where in the challenge fabric I will cut each and every little scale

this design is a challenge to my frugal nature -- I will be fussy cutting which of course means some fabric will be wasted

so today there will be laundry and mending (still need to get that zipper into that jacket!) and working on charity quilt tops (I picked up two more kits at the guild meeting) and who knows what else

time to get to it!

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AlisonH said...

How do you do so many so different crafts at once? Me, I get too focused on one to branch out for a long time.