Thursday, March 18, 2010


when I decided to buy these particular beads for this project I was thinking gold and lapis -- those typical materials for an Egyptian style design

all of these beads are glass, but the "look" is right

I'm getting better at these -- the third one just cranked right along

so now I'm making myself nuts trying to remember where I stashed the eye cabs that I want to use for the focal bead


I'm going to keep working on these until I get as many of them done as I think I'm going to need, then if I still haven't found the cabs, I'll just work on the next project until I do (I have red glass seed beads and pewter cubes to do another piece using this idea)

but it is frustrating

meantime, I'm stitching up the two charity quilt kits that I picked up at the guild meeting, and tomorrow is the meeting for one of my other groups -- but it is supposed to snow over tonight and into tomorrow morning, so my attendance will depend on just how bad that snow is

time to get to work

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