Tuesday, March 23, 2010

catching up and a big OUCH

on Friday I did two more of these beads

every one gets easier, and I like them more and more

and no, I didn't find the "eyes" yet

so yes, I'll probably more right on into doing the red and pewter ones as soon as I finished all of these

(mumble, mumble)

this is the second hot mat that I did for my daughter

I love the stripes

this and the blue one went home with them this weekend when they were here

having them here over the weekend was a good thing ---

the entire garden got turned up and is ready for planting even though we had snow on Friday

another afghan square completed yesterday through a fog

on Friday night I developed a bad tooth ache -- a new and unfamiliar thing for me

having my daughter here over the weekend, and the carefully spaced taking of pain killers (and "spaced" would be the operative word for how I felt!) got me through to yesterday morning when I could go to the dentist

yesterday morning I went in -- they took an x-ray -- yup, I've got a tooth with a big infection -- so there will be a week of antibiotics then it comes out (oh yipee, I get to spend my birthday having a tooth pulled)

meantime this week I hope to get something done

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