Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nothing to see today

I really did work on some projects yesterday, between loads of laundry and doses of big time antibiotics

I just forgot to use the camera


give me a break, the tooth is still sore (although I'm not having to take Oxycodone just now), eating is a challenge, my brain isn't working well

(that's my story, I'm sticking to it!)

ok, so here's what I worked on:

one more complete and part of another gold and blue bead

quilting on the turtle quilt (I'm on the home stretch -- I see binding in the near future!)

more fins on the Hoffman Challenge fish (this one is taking twice as long to do as the others did because of the metallic thread couching, and I promise to take an "in process" picture soon)

knitting on the afghan Christmas present

knitting on charity mittnz

knitting on charity afghan square

and I started working on the Wild About Flowers design which is the special contest for the State Fair in August -- I'm using the technique I learned doing the fish wall hanging -- sort of -- in process pictures of that one soon too

and after almost two months of "crutching" my computer set up, the desktop computer has been officially deemed "DEAD" and I have succeeded in getting a USB hub set up to my laptop so I can use my printer AND my scanner AND the external hard drive AND the zip drive AND.... well, I'm an extremely happy camper on this point, because I use that printer/scanner combo to aid in a lot of my art projects, and being without it has been a real pain in the butt

we're having a snow day today -- we got about 7 inches of heavy wet spring snow last night and it was still lightly snowing this morning -- we're going no where today --

guess I'll work on projects!

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