Friday, March 12, 2010

of odds and ends and zippers

ok, busy few days, so I've been out of touch

but I have been working on things

this is afghan square #18 for the year -- nice sort of aqua colors

the box I'm filling up this time will take 15 squares (as far as I can tell right now) so this is number four for the box -- only 11 more to go

the turtle toy that I had been working on is all finished

I stitched the legs on and embroidered the face yesterday afternoon, and I'm pretty pleased with the way he came out

its nice to create a little something special to go with these baby quilts

the quilt this goes with is in the quilting stage -- I've finished about a quarter of it (which of course means I'm getting impatient to have it finished!)

and since the turtle is done, it was time to start a new knitting project

these are the first two strips of an afghan I'm making for a friend for Christmas

the disclaimer here is that I actually made 4 strips to get two that were acceptable -- the first one was just too bland to be worth doing more of (and I will need to do more of each one) and the next one was about 6 inches shorter even though it was the same number of stitches -- so I'll be doing these two and one more that is in process with several coordinated yarns to make this up

and there is this little sewing project

my son-in-law has a favorite jacket for wearing in the cold weather

the zipper pull (which was made out of some sort of pot metal) broke in half

I'm going to put a brand new sport zipper in it for him

time to get to work

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