Friday, March 05, 2010

waves in progress

this technique makes me think of ocean waves

I'm getting quicker at doing them too

this is not quite half way, and I'm already thinking about other "variations"

completed last evening, mittnz #7

don't you love this yarn -- just looking at these should help warm someone!

also completed one leg for the turtle toy

and quilt projects are moving along, there's just nothing finished enough to show you yet

soon though

these are all done and will be bundled off to be mailed today -- WOO HOO!

so I should get paid for them soon too

a very good thing

time to get to work on those eBay listings

1 comment:

Nancy G said...

I really like the way your "waves" are turning out; I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project!
Yes, I love that yarn! If I find any more for a good price, I'll be grabbing it.

My word verification is "hairmist," perhaps a new styling product? LOL