Saturday, March 06, 2010

there seems to be a water theme

the second of the water lily blocks is now done for the Hoffman Challenge project

these two blocks took a Loooooonnnnngggg time -- must be the fact that each lily flower has 14 individual pieces

so now it's on to the corner blocks -- fish in some most awesome colors
and then there is the wavy necklace

having strung the first 5 together, I had to do the first "swoop" on another batch

so here are 5 more, ready to be connected to the first batch

(see, I told you there was a water theme)

yesterday, when I was in the store I picked up the latest issue of Bead & Button -- it has some awesome new techniques including a sort of serpentine beaded rope with some amazing embellishment ideas -- yup, I'll be trying that one

time to get rollin'

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