Tuesday, March 16, 2010

zippers and hot pads and quilt backs (oh my?)

having made 2 trips to the fabric store to get the RIGHT length zipper (and for a few minutes I thought I'd have to make a third trip when I couldn't find the navy blue thread!), I finally got the zipper installed yesterday afternoon

making the jacket useful for a while longer? Priceless!

as I write this it is in the dryer -- along with half a dozen tennis balls enclosed in socks -- being dried and "fluffed"

finished up this object last night while I was watching TV

my daughter let me know that there was a need for some hot pads (pot holders) at her house, and as I recall, I hadn't made her any for about 3 years

these things do wear out

I plan to make at least one more of these for her (bigger!) and I hope to get that finished before the weekend is over so I can just send it home with her
made a trip back to the (only) local quilt store in our little village that has the Hoffman Challenge fabrics yesterday

while they are out of the actual challenge fabric (good thing I bought it when I did), they did still have many of the coordinates that go with it

I needed something to be the stripping and the backing and the binding

this is the one

it is dark enough to give some contrast on the front for the stripping and binding and I like using prints on the backs of my quilts too

today I hope to get that pattern onto the plastic so I can start on the big fish!

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