Wednesday, March 17, 2010

more beads (and stuff)

like with most of these beading projects, the second one goes quicker

(and I dare say, each one after that will go quicker still)

I'm starting to think about what the focal piece on this will be -- the original idea was an Eye of Horus type bead embroidered piece that would include one of the glass cab eyes I got from an artist in Missouri

I'm still thinking that is a good idea -- time to start working on a full size drawing to get that moving along

one of the things that happens when you clean and organize is you find long forgotten unfinished objects

to be fair here, this was started with the idea that it would become a sign for my craft booth at shows, but that just never came together

so now I'm thinking about using some stamping and painting and maybe more applique and some beading to turn this into a wall handing

meantime, the very first piece has been appliqued on the center block for the Hoffman Challenge -- its actually pretty cool to be able to actually see the fabric through the pattern -- I kind of like using this clear plastic for a pattern --- too bad its kind of pricey for using on everything
Mittnz #8 complete

(and here as I was working on them the last couple of days I was thinking this was only pair #6!)

time to get out another skein of yarn and start on pair #9!

only one more to do to meet the minimum standard for this year

finished another afghan square too

this one is number 19 for the year, number 5 for this box (which means the box is a third full)

we went to our caucus meeting last night and while I listened I worked on another pot holder -- fiber arts in public ---- quick, run!!

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AlisonH said...

My first reaction on the quilt in its present state was, oh look, it's wearing a cummerbund! (You don't mind my saying that, I hope?)