Monday, March 29, 2010

A tree grows in the studio

actually, one might say there are seven trees growing

after months of being diverted to other projects, I finally got back to this one yesterday

extra tables were brought in for the actual pinning (I'm just not doing that long on these old knees on the floor!!)

a few minor design tweeks were made in the process too -- which is only expected

like moving this rock

the original placement left it almost totally hidden by the tree, so I picked it out and moved it down

so now we are ready for the beginning of the stitching of trees

the sea turtle quilt is now officially complete

the binding got finished off yesterday


so I did the first stitching on the Wild About Flowers piece

and more work on the scales of the fish in the Hoffman Challenge piece -- I'm thinking I'm going to need another skein of that lovely metallic thread before that project is done

a bit of knitting done too

another charity afghan block for the box

and those mittnz I've been working on are down to needing one more thumb knit and then to be stitched together

yup, we're rollin' right along

headed off to do some needed shopping this morning then it's back at it

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