Saturday, March 27, 2010

staying alive and saying thanks

yup, I survived it

the tooth is OUT!! (so much better than waiting until Tuesday -- less days to dread it)

this morning my jaw is sore, and I'm really hungry, but I didn't need anything more than an ice pack and some advil to get through the night

I'm happy about that
if you've been reading here a while you might remember that I've been building a little stash of baby gifts to keep on hand for that odd invite to a baby shower

this soft yellow afghan is going with me to the dentist's office on Tuesday when I go to have the socket checked

the assistant that worked with the dentist was a real angel

she knew I was afraid and she patiently talked to me and even held my hand while he wiggled and pulled to get the tooth out

and she's having a baby, so this just seems right

(cool, an excuse to knit up another one for the stash -- wonder what color I might have enough of)

its snowing and blowing again this morning, so I'm glad we went and bought that brand new METAL snow shovel yesterday

time to go try to find something I can eat

and get busy on that quilt binding

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AlisonH said...

A good day for someone appreciating all the more a handknit blanket to snuggle their baby in. It's beautiful.