Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Festivities

there's something fun about occasionally refusing to do what you are "supposed" to do -- like yesterday's small rebellion about the laundry, for instance

I did a lot of more interesting things instead (and yes, the laundry is running as I write this)

there are 10 of the blue and gold beads complete, and still no sign of the glass eye cabs, so I'm guessing I'll be on to the red ones soon

(where DID I put those???!)

A quick trip to the fabric store for some more gold metallic embroidery thread also yielded this lovely stash of fabrics to be used for the sunflowers on the Wild About Flowers project

(and yes, these are in that load of laundry I can hear going "slosh, slosh, slosh")

yesterday's mail included a copy of a magazine that had this most awesome picture of sunflowers in it -- and these are at an angle I couldn't get in the pictures I took in my own yard because of where the fence was --- great timing to add to the designing of the next step of this project

the Hoffman Challenge project is moving right along

here is a close up of the scales I'm working on that form the body of the fish -- and this is why I needed that additional skein of metallic floss!

each and every little scale is surrounded with it -- and it's put down like cording, full thickness which looks really amazing
proof that my daughter knows me REALLY well

the birthday card (hand made by here)

guess I'm not mature yet -- I still need to be told to TURN IT DOWN! -- what can I say, I like my music loud enough to FEEL it

it was warm here yesterday, so for dinner the DH did the first outdoor cooking of the season

nothing better than a little piece of steak and a nice salad for a birthday dinner -- oh yes, and there was chocolate cake!


about the best birthday I've had in a while

and I did my follow up visit to the dentist so he could check to make sure everything was healing properly

it is

and the dentist saga can be summed up like this:

first exam and x-rays: $32

pulling the bad tooth: $208

surprising the dental assistant with a baby afghan as a thank you for being so great: PRICELESS!

(and thank you to all of you who emailed, texted, called or mailed the birthday greetings!)

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AlisonH said...

Jerry got it Wright! And I love love love what you did with that afghan!