Thursday, March 04, 2010

Creeping along

so what else would you expect of a turtle?

I have knit several of these, but they were on larger needles

there is a lot of difference between knitting on size 5s and knitting on size 2s

but it is a nice tight knit

now that the body and head are done I can move on to legs

then there are all of these guys

in preparation to put our house on the market, I'm trying to downsize our collections

which means some of the goodies are going out on eBay

these are bears that Gund did exclusively for Land's End, and I have all of the original boxes too

there is one more in this series which I am trying to locate in the pile so I can list all of them at once -- hopefully I get this done by Sunday which is when I like to start auctions for this kind of thing

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