Thursday, July 29, 2010

are we there yet?

I guess I need to confess that I only do change well if it's my idea

this week has been chaotic and distressing -- the fence between my property and my neighbor's has been out for a week now, and there has been work going on out there of some kind every day

not really a big deal for me except that our usual way of just letting the dog have free run of the back yard is not really an option -- which means when she needs to go out I either need to walk her or at least go out into the yard with her and make sure she stays in the yard

and then yesterday I took the van to have maintenance done, which also turned the whole morning routine into confusion
fortunately, I was able to "chill out" last night, listening (and singing along to) a music program on PBS, la, la, la la la la, la la la la, hey Jude...

yup, Sir Paul still does it for me

great music for working on this

and after fighting with the binding on this piece for what seems like forever, it is finally done to my satisfaction so I can now put on the hanging sleeve, the label and do the final embellishing with beads

(so no more whining about it not being done yet -- or the "are we there yet" syndrome associated with summer anyway!)

unbelievable! it's actually getting close to actually being finished

the blue and white embroidery piece is moving along nicely -- I finished the long bamboo embroideries down the edge of the second front piece and moved along into the geometric patterning last night too
when I need to take a break from the hand sewing, I've been knitting on a couple of projects for the show/sale I'll be doing

I'm really pleased with how this looks

it is actually much bigger than I originally thought it would be, but it will get felted when I'm done knitting, which will shrink it considerably

I think

(of course like with any project I've never done before this is the "will it really work properly" worry wort stage)

at least I really like the color combo
another afghan square complete -- next week I'll be packing up another box and shipping these off

(I try to do shipping only once a week for my eBay stuff, and this will go right in with those packages)

time to get moving -- need to make my monthly visit to the Costco and run some other errands too

then back to working on projects


AlisonH said...

Dogged determination, hang in there, that fence'll get finished.

Bev said...

to which I might ask -- which fence?!