Monday, July 12, 2010

just yarnin' to go there

and here it is

the result of my trip to the dye vat

see, I told you it was a really pretty, aqua-y, turquoise-y blue

it's not completely dry yet -- there are still a few damp-ish spots near the cord that kept it tied into hanks, but since it is forecast to be in the upper 90s (!!!) for the next few days, I'm sure it will be dry enough to wind into balls very soon

oh yes, and that lovely "rack" it's hanging on?

that would the brand new warping board that the DH just finished building for me -- all stained (to match the bench and the bookcase) and sealed with clear polyurethane and ready to be used for measuring out warp thread --

heh, yeah, or putting yarn on to dry!

and now I'm wondering if I can actually set it up so I can use it instead of the chairs when I start winding this stuff up -- we'll see
these may resemble bat wings, but in actuality they are the "sleeves" for the cape into coat project

I finished up the binding off last night, so now I'm ready to do measuring and stitching to finish up that project

it went pretty quickly -- even though the last couple of inches seems to take forever

early in the gardening season we planted peas along the back fence

the combination of a very cool spring followed by a week of 90 degree heat pretty much did them in

Saturday morning I picked everything on the vines -- which was not much

just enough to count as a veggie serving with our dinner last night

we'll be turning the plants into the ground soon

and today I'll be washing --- and washing --- and WASHING ----- last Monday I was still playing critter sitter at my daughter's house and I never got to the laundry after we got home in the middle of the week, so there is a lot of laundry to do

just so you know I've got the priorities straight though -- the first load in was the finished baby quilt (so I can deliver it) and all of the fabric I picked up during my little mini shop hop while we were away -- all those clothes? well - they're next in line

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AlisonH said...

Have fun playing with it! And kudos to your husband for a beautiful warping board.