Thursday, July 08, 2010

Home again

the duties of the Critter Sitter are complete

while my daughter was off on vacation they visited in Yellowstone (somewhere I have never been)

she took some very cool pictures of a lot of neat animals

but the only bears she saw were on these very cool socks

which she brought for me!

I know, it's warm weather right now, but when fall comes and my feet are cold, I'm going to love pulling on these lovelies (made out of recycled cotton, by the way)

and every time I wear them I'll think about her and the week of the Critter Sitter and all it's adventures

thanks kid!

last night after we got home I worked on finishing up this block for the baby quilt

this is block 4 -- the zeba

it was kind of fun doing this out of fabric that was already zebra print instead of either painting or appliqueing all of the stripes -- something different is fun

and this makes 4 blocks complete -- although I'm definitely not doing these in numeric order!
this is what the "fantasy map" looks like now

4 blocks in the places where they'll be when it's done

so now I need to decide which block I'll be doing next

perhaps another big one

or not

in one of the quilt stores I visited while I was away I picked up this fabric panel

(it's all one strip, I just couldn't get a good picture of it that way)

I'm planning on turning this into a Christmas gift for my mother who collects paper dolls and has a couple of sets that I drew for her

this should be fun --

tonight is my quilt guild meeting, so I need to spend some time today putting together all of the stuff I need to take with me (completed charity quilt, show and tell item, door prize, pot luck item) -- time to get movin'

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AlisonH said...

Love the bear socks! And the quilts, always.