Friday, July 09, 2010

like we need a new project

last night was our quilt guild birthday party

we had a pot luck supper and chocolate cake (there was vanilla too, but I only ate chocolate)

since it was a birthday party there were presents

each of us was to bring an unfinished project that we had given up on (one of my fellow guild members provided one for me since I had none of my own)

the wrapped "gifts" were put on the floor in the middle of the circle of chairs and we played what they called "Chinese Auction" that I always knew as "Pirate"

items get opened and "stolen" around the circle until everyone has a gift to take home

the instruction this year for the gift is to take a picture of what you started with (see this one is mine) then we are to make it into something that we can do what we wish will but we are to bring finished ones to a guild meeting for show and tell

I'm not sure exactly what I'll make out of this -- its not my usual color scheme, and I don't do much piece work any more, but I'll be thinking about it

the DH suggested making it into a vest -- and there probably is enough of it to make the front of a vest at least

we'll see

when I let the dog out into the back yard this morning it looked like the side fence was on fire

or that the neighbor was watering right up against it (which made no sense either)

then I realized that after several days of heavy rain soaking the fence boards, the sun was hitting them and heating them up enough that the water was "cooking" out of them, and what I was seeing was steam

the pictures don't really capture the entire look of it

hmmm, wonder if there's any way to create that "look" on a quilt

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