Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Critter Sitter Day 5 -- The Spider

Hi all

Elphie here again reporting on the adventures of the Critter Sitter and the critters
yesterday mom stopped Tonks from tangling with this

(no, that's not a picture she actually took -- she got it from the Google)

Tonks saw the spider on the floor and was trying to kill it

mom stopped her and did the killing herself because she wasn't sure what it was and she's not taking any chances of any of us getting hurt

later she found out (when she got the picture from Google) that it was a black jumping spider -- common household critter that is not poisonous

but mom doesn't like spiders, she says she's not sharing her living space with critters that have more legs than us dogs
later in the day mom and dad told us they were going to the store to get food

they went some other places too

mom came home with more yarn (she says she finally spent the money the stranger in the doctor's office gave her)

mom went to a quilt store too -- she got stuff for new projects she's thinking about and some new tools too

she says she'll write about her whole experience at the quilt store later, when she's not taking care of all us critters

mom says the girl comes home today and we'll be going home tomorrow

but there's still plenty of adventure to look for here today

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AlisonH said...

Uh, just so you know--we had a black widow in the bathroom once and you couldn't see that red violin till it crawled into the bright sunlight coming in through the skylight--when it suddenly lit up. Yowsers. Killed that one real fast!