Sunday, July 04, 2010

Critter Sitter Day 3 -- The Fall

Good morning everyone

Elphie here, still reporting on the adventures of the Critter Sitter (aka mom)
this is Tonks

her usual place to sit is on the back of the couch where she is up high and can see more from there

(mom says that's very "cat like" -- whatever that means -- I'm a dog, I don't know about these things)

last night Tonks fell asleep on the back of the couch -- and she was so relaxed she fell off -- right into mom's lap

Soma got all upset and had to bark about it (mom has been calling her "Miss Cranky Pants"), but really it was no big deal -- just the other day I was asleep on the couch at home and I fell off -- right to the floor!

(mom laughed then too)
mom says I should show you this

she finished it last night

and she's still working on that flower thing

mom says today is an important day

and that tonight there will probably be a lot more noise after it gets dark than there was last night

Happy Fourth of July every one!

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AlisonH said...

Happy Fourth!