Friday, July 23, 2010

a lean mean fence wrecking machine

this picture taken this morning of the lack of fence!

my neighbor and I are replacing our shared side fence ---

after years of neglect, snow drifts and wind storms it was pretty beat up

so yesterday afternoon she and I and the DH went out and went to work --

Crowbars up!

we finished up just as the rain started around 3 pm -- there are still 3 posts standing and we have decided to let her work crew (her family -- all of them involved in the building industry somehow) will be here tomorrow morning to start putting in the new fence --

I expected to be really sore this morning as it's been a while since I did the whole "tear it down" thing, but aside from across my shoulders and the puffy knee, I'm ok -- so it shouldn't get in the way of my work in the studio (in fact I can always claim I need to ice the knee so I can sit a while!) {grin}
this arrived in my mail box yesterday afternoon


talk about getting to see red!!!

my sister sent this along for me to us for the lining of the sashiko embroidery piece I'm working on (she bought a WHOLE BOLT(!) of this loveliness a while back, and as usual is more than willing to share the bounty)

thanks sis!!

let the cutting and stitching commence! there's no reason I can't go ahead and put the lining all together so it will make the finishing quicker when the embroidery is done
after we mailed off eBay packages and picked up prescriptions at the store yesterday we made a stop at an Estate Sale here in our neighborhood

I went because I wanted to see if there was any fabric or yarn worth picking up to be used for charity work

there wasn't any of those items, but I did pick up a brand new set of soup mugs -- still in their original 1994 box

we really needed these items -- the ones we have are 20+ years old -- 2 of them having lived in assorted desk drawers as the DH and I moved from job to job -- and they are chipped around the edge

I'm really happy to give these babies a new home!
Estate Sales are strange

you wander through the rooms of the house picking up bits and pieces of someone's life -- and I always wonder about the people that called this home

what did they like? did they have family? were they happy? -- weird perhaps, but it's how my mind works

it's different than your every weekend garage sale because the person that's taking the money can't answer those questions -- she's just helping out the family who are dealing with the emotional issues of the "estate"

the one sewing related item I picked up was this plastic shoe box full of flat lace, bias tape, braid and rick rack

these two packages especially caught my eye -- I have seen trim like these since I was a child -- in the 1950s

the red one has a price sticker on it that says "F. W. Woolworth's" it sold for 15 cents

talk about a trip right back to my grandmother's sewing room!!

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