Friday, July 02, 2010

Critter Sitter Day 1 -- the Journey

Hi all

Elphie here - mom says I can do the reporting on the critter sitter since I have more of a dog's eye view

we started the day yesterday traveling --

we spent a long time in the car

mom said it was already Holiday traffic

I took a nap in my car hammock, so it wasn't so bad

and I only sat up once to ask "are we there yet?"

when we got there I played with the dogs

mom was running the sprinklers in the back yard to water the new sod so all of us dogs ran through the water

Soma was so silly, she kept trying to bite the water when it came out of the sprinkler

I was so tired after all that chasing and playing that I took a nap

mom thought I looked funny so she took this picture of me sleeping with the water bowl as my pillow

I told her it was so I could get a drink when I first woke up

mom says I have to let you see this picture of the quilt she finished yesterday

she says this is a charity quilt for the quilt guild and she made it all out of fabrics and batting that was given to her by ladies that didn't want the fabric because it was too bright

mom says she's glad to have this one done because she can take it to the guild meeting next week

and she has lots of other projects to work on while we're here

mom says that's it for today -- it's time to go water the sod again

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