Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just dyeing to go there

but you'll have to use your imagination this morning because I have not yet taken a picture of the freshly dyed yarn

imagine the big blue enameled canning kettle sitting in the kitchen for most of the day

first there was the soaking of the yarn -- it takes up the dye better if it is totally wet when you put it in the dye

then there was the mixing and steeping (a whole hour in the dye bath) -- soaking up the dye stuffs to a most lovely blue

and the rinsing --- and rinsing --- and RINSING!!!

right now those two skeins of the most beautiful greenish blue -- (aqua but darker -- Bahama blue?) are hanging from the rack in the shower

they aren't dripping any more, but they aren't dry yet so it will be another day or so before I can begin the very tedious (and probably time consuming) process of winding all 1900 yards into balls -- especially since I don't have a swift and will be doing it the old "stretch it over the backs of two chairs" way that great grandma did it (but hey, the chairs I have to use are that old, so why not?)

heh, yeah, we're just dyeing to go there

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