Thursday, July 15, 2010

good things in small boxes

I know you've heard that before

I'm here to tell ya that it's still true

the other evening my friend knocked on the door and handed me this box

inside the box was an amazing collections of satins, brocades and a few other pieces of fabric -- all the sort of stuff that is usually used in crazy quilts (with the requisite embroidery of course)


I think I've just added another project to my "to do" list -- but probably not until January -- this might be a good way to test out all the many embroidery stitches on my Designer I in a way that feels like I'm actually working on a project!

yesterday work on the "mat" of the flower piece began -- after a lot of fiddling and fusing and measuring and calculating I ended up just drawing around a spool of thread on a piece of cardboard to create a template that I will use to create over lapped circle quilting all around the mat

the yarn is now all wound

I can tell you that I can wind half a mile of yarn into balls in the time it takes to make 3 cups of ice cream in my little electric ice cream maker

got to love multi-tasking!

I can also tell you that I can cut and turn flower petals (for the holly hock dolls) while keeping an eye on the Designer I cranking along on an embroidery project which can not be shown until after Christmas

so today it is finally a bit cooler -- which means the front lawn might get mowed -- or not -- definitely have to go to the grocery store though, so we'll see how much work gets done in the studio

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