Saturday, July 24, 2010

Page 49 please

my new Fire Mountain Gems catalog arrived yesterday

we get one of these every year, and I order stuff out of it a couple times a year

I don't usually just sit down and look through the entire thing when it comes -- in fact sometimes I don't even open it until I actually need to order something

but last night while I was hanging out in the kitchen waiting for dinner to be ready I started flipping through the pages of my usual favorite stuff to buy -- checking out any new stuff they might have added that I might need to try out

stuff like seed beads

as I flipped through to page 49 I glanced down at the corner and thought "wait -- that looks like something I made"

then I looked closer and said to the DH "HEY! I'm in the catalog!!"

I had submitted the design over a year ago, knew I had made the finals, sent in the piece for the final judging, but didn't win any of the big prizes

they had sent the piece back and I had just added it to my inventory (although I had just decided it needed to go to the State Fair this year)

it never occurred to me that it would get used in the catalog!

it is also part of their online design idea gallery, which you can see by using this LINK.


(and in the last two weeks there has been another idea forming for a piece I may enter in the next competition and see if I can break into the "winner's circle")


AlisonH said...

I hope they paid you for that or at the least gave you name recognition in there for it. They're trying to drum up their sales with your creation--I hope you don't mind my pointing that out.

Bev said...

thanks Alison -- yes, I got a gift certificate for making the finals and I am fully credited both in the print version and on line -- with a link to my website