Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the return of the archangels

I really did think that this piece was "finished" and was just going to be something that I hung up at Christmas time

maybe not

I recently received a "call for entries" for an exhibit that is sponsored by Sacred Threads

I spent a couple of hours stitching a proper sleeve on the back of it yesterday, and I still need to create the label for the back

as soon as the entry form is available, I'm going to enter it and see what happens

meantime, the endless expanses of blue sky on the Wild About Flowers piece are being worked on (really, it didn't seem like that much sky when I was doing the applique!) -- I have finished quilting the last flower, so the sky's the thing until I get it done -- then it's on to the border

5 loads of laundry yesterday did take a while -- but as I said, one of them was pretty much all new fabric -- which has now been ironed and is waiting for me to fold it into it's little squares -- which brings me to another issue I've been wrestling with -- the fabric storage

those of us who "make art" have this little problem called "the stash" -- the issue being that we need materials to work with -- and most of us want to have materials right there within reach if inspiration strikes a 6 a.m. or in the middle of a winter blizzard!

it isn't that the fabric is taking over the house -- it's just that I'm convinced there must be a more orderly way to keep the colors grouped and make it easier to see what I have on hand -- and there are a few more tubs in the storage shed that have fabric in them that I really should go through and organize into the rest of the stuff

while I was at one of my quilt groups one of the ladies mentioned that she uses a barrister bookcase to organize her fabrics -- I can picture it -- neat little stacks, grouped by color, all visible but protected because they are behind glass doors

yup, and I have one of those bookcases -- but making it part of my studio would take some considerable work -- but it is something to think about for a future studio

meantime, just getting the tubs into shape will help

there will be more "shoveling" of stuff -- (and listing of stuff on eBay!) while I reorganize things

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