Thursday, July 01, 2010

mom as "critter sitter"

one of the things about having adult children is that most of the time you get the feeling they don't really need you much any more

but sometimes there is something we can do to help out

this week, my daughter and her husband are going to visit with his parents (who live in Idaho)

they have 2 dogs and a parrot

guess who they asked to be the "critter sitter"

yup, that would be us -- have projects will travel!

so, since we will be gone for almost a week, yesterday we did a lot of work around the house --

two loads of laundry (so I can pack clean clothes -- even though I may do a load while I'm there)

mow both lawns and water them

weed the garden and set up the automatic timer to water it while we are away

and because we will be gone that long, I took pictures of my garden so I will have something to compare to when we return

and probably by then there will be peas ready to eat -- and maybe other things too!

a friend that lives close by will be checking up on the house

and the accommodations are good -- wireless internet, access to a better stove than mine -- all the comforts of home -- a sort of "working" vacation -- and I hear her neighbors put on quite a fireworks show on the 4th (just have to keep the dogs -- including mine -- inside for that one)

I'll be blogging from there

so -- it's time to go finish packing up those projects and hit the road

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AlisonH said...

Have fun with your parrot-time shift!