Saturday, July 03, 2010

Critter Sitter Day 2 -- The Flight

Hi all

Elphie here again reporting on the critter sitter's adventures

this is Jeri

mom says his name should be Houdini!

last night after dinner Jeri escaped his cage and flew from where his cage is into the living room

his wings brushed dad's head and he flew to the end of the couch

then he flew to the top of the piano

mom walked over to the piano and put her hand out and Jeri stepped onto her finger and let her carry him back to his cage

(dad says he's glad they knew that Jeri was "full flight" ahead of time or they would have been really freaked out)

mom says she'll be extra careful about the door where Jeri's water is from now on since that is where he escaped from!
mom wants me to show you this picture too

she finished working on this yesterday

she says she's glad to have it done -- and more than a month ahead of when it's due

so now she's working on that flower thing -- oh yeah, and the baby quilt -- and some knitting thing too -- but I'll let her tell you about those things when she comes back to the computer

time for me to go play in the hose again!

bye for now!

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