Thursday, July 22, 2010

dancing with the holly hocks

I missed this in my childhood

there was never anywhere that I lived where hollyhocks were growing, so I never made hollyhock dolls

until now

the Colorado State Fair this year is sponsoring some special competitions titled "Wild About Flowers", and I decided to have a go at two of them -- the quilt one (which you've been hearing about for quite a while now if you're a regular visitor here) and one in the dolls

this is my entry for the dolls

can't you just hear the music for the Waltz of the Flowers?

I just hope the judges can
finished the "no boo boo" blue and white baby shirt last night

this one is going to the State Fair too

and I may whip up a couple more of these for the show I'm doing in November and December

I just won't be working on those quite yet -- I need to get a few other projects (3 pretty good sized ones) completed before August 11 first

another afghan square complete

I only need one more to finish up the current box I'm working on then they can go off on their merry little way

yesterday I delivered the baby quilt to the neighbor -- she really, really liked it

and today's projects include helping to tear down the fence between our house and her house -- she has a "crew" coming on Saturday to start putting in the new one, and she is "fronting" the funding (because she wants it done now) and I'll be paying her for our half as I can over the next few months -- in fact, the money for the quilt went right back to her in payment on the fence (which sort of took the joy of that first quilt sale out of it -- but it was nice to have that to give her)

oh yes, and let the fun of WALKING the dog for her "business" begin -- while the fence is down I won't be able to just let her out in the yard

who knows what new adventures that will bring!


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AlisonH said...

We had a neighbor whose dog kept jumping against our decrepit fence barking at us every time we went outside in our own yard. The dog knocked it over and our tree was holding the thing up.

That was the neighbor who started the process that got our new fence installed. (We have nine different properties bordering ours!)