Monday, July 05, 2010

Critter Sitter Day 4 -- The Fireworks

Elphie here -- mom is still letting me play on the computer --

last night was a very busy night for us dogs

people down the street were making loud popping and booming noises

Soma and Tonks were the alert system, letting everyone in the house know that something was going on out there

sometimes Jeri added to the noise too (mom says Jeri is the "fourth dog" because when the dogs are barking he has to add to the noise with his own "bark")

they were all doing such a great job that I really didn't need to add anything to what they were saying, so mostly I just snoozed on the floor

mom said she was glad it was cool and rainy because she could shut the back door early in the evening to keep the noise down and the house didn't get too hot
mom was busy yesterday

besides taking care of us critters, watering the sod and shampooing part of the upstairs carpet she worked on this

mom says she's liking each block more and more

she says she also likes pasting each finished one into her "fantasy quilt map" so she can see the progress on the whole quilt as she goes along

when mom went to the store on Saturday, she came home with this

she has spent a lot of time looking at it

(there are lots of pictures)

she says she especially likes the front cover because it is bright and cheerful

and because that quilt has amazing details

mom finished this last night

its another afghan square for the box she's working to fill up

I'm not sure what mom and dad have planned for today, except I heard mom say they need to go get hamburger and ice cream

and then there are always new adventures for us dogs to get in to

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