Saturday, July 10, 2010

"rubber duckie, you're the one"

that little tune is now stuck in my head after working on this block for the baby quilt!

I've found that the biggest challenge of this quilt has been to resist the temptation to make these blocks more complex than they should be for a baby quilt

trying to apply the Keep It Simple Stupid principle here

I do love the way the "fantasy map" is filling in

the next block I'll be working on is an elephant -- should be fun

other knitting pursuits are in order now that the Christmas sweater is complete (the zipper is on it's way) and the Christmas afghan is complete

and the "sleeves" I've been working on to convert that cape into a coat are almost finished too

so this lovely stuff is all tied in hanks and ready to be dyed

I got the dye yesterday

so I may be up to my elbows in blue stuff either today or tomorrow -- and thinking about the winding and swatching directly after that

looking forward to that lace knitting!
finished another afghan square -- 6 in this box already, so only 4 more to go to fill it up

the quilting of the Wild About Flowers piece is finally reaching to point where I can see the end in the near distance -- only one more sunflower to do, then finishing the endless expanse of blue sky -- I need to find a more formal scroll pattern to use in the "mat" -- then on to the cording and the binding --

rollin' along here!

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AlisonH said...

Oooh, dyepots, cool, I wanna go play too. And that rubber ducky is having the time of its life!