Friday, July 16, 2010

many irons in the fire

my usual "happy place"

lots of projects being worked on and making nice progress on all of them!

this is after the work of day 4 on this little project

one more day and it should be done

(which means I can make one of these in about 5 hours)

so cute!

yesterday the zipper arrived for the Christmas Sweater, so I'll soon be able to proclaim that one actually finished!

the petals for the holly hock dolls have been all turned and pressed

(accomplished while all of the machine embroidery on another Christmas project was completed)

so the next step on these is to do the shading with the Copic markers to make the coloring more realistic

I'm trying to figure out what I will use as a "stand" for these little cuties -- I'm not sure yet exactly how big it will need to be -- but I'm pretty sure I have something here that can do the job

work on the border of the flower quilt continues -- I've done the first set of circles on two sides now -- while I was working on it last night I was thinking about the adding of the beads that look like water droplets and how neat it will look to put one of those on the tip of the leaves -- like dew drops -- and I'm impatient to get to that point!

this arrived with the zipper

a very cool pattern for a tote bag -- or diaper bag

and I'm pretty sure I can customize it for just about any need


time to get to work -- today I think we'll get the front lawn mowed -- there's no point putting it off for a cooler day as we will be in the upper 90s for the next 7 days at least -- dog days for sure --

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