Sunday, October 02, 2011

beading progress

no matter which way you turn this piece, it's looking pretty awesome

last night I finished stitching the bronze-y beads around the stones so now it's on to the next color

earlier in the day I had been out and about and stopped off in a bead store

where I picked up some beads that will probably turn up in the piece I'm working on right now

also got some new stone pieces to work around including a matte finish cabochon that is called African Turquoise, but is actually a jasper

I've never seen a cabochon with a matte finish before, and I really like it -- unusual -- so now I'm thinking about an equally unusual piece to put it in to

and that pink behind these items? heh, well, the mat I had been using in my beading tray for a long time is pretty grubby, and I was able to get this new one for less than a dollar -- now I can wash the old one (wonder if the dirt is what's holding it together) and have two of these and be able to work on two projects at once -- yeah, like I need THAT encouragement!

also stopped in another quilt store and picked up some additional fabrics for the Four Seasons pieces

the brown tone pieces I had already still just didn't speak "tree bark" to me, so I was still on the hunt for something that did

this one is much closer

the brown and the blue on white patterning (which I plan to use in the winter panel) are commercial fabrics, but the third piece is a hand painted fat quarter which has a lot of colors that I'll be able to use in the spring, summer and fall panels -- nice!

all of these fabrics, and the ones I got the day before need to go into the laundry before I start cutting into them

meantime, I'm researching the proper angle for shadows in each of the panels

having fun!

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