Thursday, October 06, 2011

Ping! Ping!

the time for tomatoes is winding down -- the weather forecast for this weekend is for the temperature to drop below freezing, which means we'll be stripping everything bigger than a ping pong ball off the tomato plants and bringing them all into the house to ripen

yesterday afternoon there was the canning of more of the ones that had already been picked

a dozen pints of tomatoes -- skinned, mixed with some lemon juice and put up whole for use later as soups and pasta sauce and swiss steak --- yummy

ping! times 12 -- love it

even though I'm still up to my eye balls in charity auction paperwork, I'm still trying to spend a little time every day working on something creative

the bead work on this project, for instance

the surface is slowly being filled with beads -- and I'm now getting to the part that will include some interesting patterns created by the beads

and it's becoming more clear to me as I work on this bracelet that I'm going to be taking the idea to the next step as well -- a collar necklace that will use this idea but also include some open work -- more digging for materials to follow!

progress continues on the Christmas sweater

both of the fronts with all the wonderful cables are off onto "stitch holders" (heh, right, read "scrap yarn") while I knit the back and the sleeves

(after that all the stitches at the tops of the pieces get picked up and knit into the hood)

I have cast on the back and worked up about 3 inches already -- looking good

yesterday the DH and I got our flu shots -- this is your reminder to go and do likewise!!

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AlisonH said...

Oh wow. Somewhere I've got a sweater knitted with that same cable going up to either side of the front.

Knitted right when I was just getting back into knitting, and didn't know enough yet about fiber content and the effects thereof. Yeah it was soft, but elaborate cables in pink acrylic fluffbomb didn't wear so well. Like very old fringe.