Wednesday, October 12, 2011

trying to return to "normal"

some grocery shopping needed doing after we'd been gone off and on for almost two weeks

and I spent some time working on the beading of this piece

moving along slowly

since we had helped with pumpkin picking at our daughter's we also knew there would be pumpkin picking at our house

these five beauties are sitting on the deck right outside my garage where they can finish turning completely orange

there will be some good eating out of those!

and there should be a lot of good eating out of these too

the two orange ones are hubbards and we had a bumper crop of butternuts too

these are hanging out in the house for now, while we decide when we'll cut, clean, cook and freeze

and right now the living room looks like a laundry

before the last load got finished yesterday the dryer quit working -- it goes round and round but doesn't get hot, so I hung all the kitchen towels over the rods on the warping board to let them dry

obviously we'll have to do something about that issue

and this morning when I got the oil changed in the van I got the bad news that it needs about $800 worth of work

geesh -- could use a break here!

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