Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A busy weekend

Actually, the past two weekends have been a whirl wind of activity

The first weekend I was the house and pet sitter for my daughter so she and her husband and Mr Cute could go to visit with her husband's parents

During that weekend, the DH and I spent time creating all of the baskets for the Charity Auction that I chaired again this year

This weekend was the actual auction -- set up on Saturday morning -- it was raining and cold and we were worried the whole thing would be a bust because the silent auction items were across the street from the theatre where the program was going on -- but the weather did cooperate and the program and the auction went off without a hitch -- in fact the program was a rousing success and the auction had only 6 items that didn't sell -- WHOOO HOOOOO!

when we do these auctions, we stay with our daughter

which means we get to do things with them on Sunday when the work is all done

like helping pick their pumpkins -- that biggest one is starting to turn orange, and in a week or so will be a really beautiful pumpkin

and when they were gone they had the chance to pick fresh plums which they brought home (two big bags full)

so a lot of them got turned into jam

a lot of jam

and it tastes great!

some of this came home with us

and there was the baking of brownies

which made for a really pretty dessert -- brownie, ice cream, chocolate sauce and raspberries

yummy -- very yummy

during all this activity Mr Cute had time to play with our big dog

she just lays there and lets him crawl all over her

such a good dog with him

here he's holding one of his favorite "toys" (he also had a cardboard egg carton over the weekend)

his daddy calls the spoon "the whapping stick" --

he's soooooooo adorable

when we returned yesterday I actually did a little work on the beading project I've been doing

it's coming along slowly

this week I'll be getting ready to do demos at the opening of the TriLakes fabric art show on Saturday -- jumping right from one event to another!

and of course all that time back and forth in the car meant lots of time knitting afghan squares

here's the stack!

time to get moving -- laundry to do and then there is the demo stuff to organize

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AlisonH said...

He is just the cutest baby!

And plum jum is my favorite. Glad you got a good visit in with everything else!