Saturday, October 01, 2011

more bounty from the garden

as the nights start to get cooler, we're out picking the garden with more intensity

the tomato plants have become a huge interwoven wall of green to the point that you can't tell which plant is which -- the beef steak tomatoes and the romas are distinguishable, but every thing else is a "tomato"

the zucchini is slowing down -- fewer blooms on the plant, and I'm picking them when they are smaller

the one plant that seems to have kicked into over drive as the season draws to a close is the jalapeno -- we're going to have to figure out what to do with all of them

I made a trip to the fabric store yesterday

after I had been through the bins of fabric that I had in hand, I had discovered that I just didn't have enough fabric to use for the sky in each of the four pieces, and the fabric for the trees themselves was iffy as well

found these lovelies yesterday

the plan is to use each of those sky fabrics in two of the panels

and the white on white is for the winter panel

all of these have to go into the washer first, however

and then there were these two pieces that just jumped into the pile all by themselves

I like the colors and patterns of these -- even though right now I don't have a specific use for them

stash building

meantime I'm still working hard on auction stuff -- this time next week I'll be setting everything up in the facility

time to get back to the paperwork!

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AlisonH said...

Homegrown tomatoes. Zucchini bread... By the way, I make mine substituting pecan meal for a third of the flour and using real butter. Or did, before life changed two years ago, but still, wonderful stuff to know about.