Saturday, June 23, 2012

From the garage workshop

the completion of a project!

the DH has been working right along on these two bed side tables

the furniture in our bedroom is all circa 1890-1900 -- big solid red oak furniture -- except there were no bed side tables that came with the set

over the years we've used an odd assortment of different tables for the lamps and to set the clock and our glasses on, but all of them were really too short to look like they belonged in there

the DH built these from his own drawings of oak that he used the red oak stain on so they are a perfect match to that antique furniture

and the "drawers" are actually deep baskets with old style colonial looking pulls and they're big enough to actually put things in

awesome!   what they need now are the doilies on top!

and he has already started on his next project -- rebuilding a toy box for Mr Cute

on Wednesday I was talking about the fabric packet that arrived for the fall quilt challenge

since then I've been thinking about a design that uses those fabrics

the restriction is that the quilt is to be 30 inches square

and square is not the usual choice I make for my quilt format -- I'm more a rectangle -- either vertically or horizontally

this, however, is my rough sketch for this challenge -- and now I need to figure out if I actually have enough fabric in hand to make the whole top, or if I need to order a bit more of one of the fabrics

I'll be working on that when I get into the studio today

yesterday I finished the knitting of the Christmas sweater project and started with the assembly -- knocking those projects off one by one!

and I have finally finished the beaded edging both around the outside edge and around the openings in the inside of the white and silver beading piece, and I've started on the right angle weave tube that will be the "chain" for that piece

as I write this at 8:30 am, it is already 81 degrees here -- we'll be holing up with the cooler  for most of the day -- right after I make a quick trip to the store for bread and a couple of other things


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Wow those are beautiful!