Friday, June 29, 2012

trying to feel normal

spent some time at the sewing machine yesterday afternoon

that fabric I got to make pants for the DH has made the transition -- project complete!

then there were other normal things --- like the van having to go to the shop again -- the little engine light on the dash board kept coming on, going off, coming on -- difficult to know if I could trust it or not -- I took it in and they replaced the sensor that had told me that the repair back in May was necessary -- the little computer chip had lost it's mind -- another $170 --- but it could have been a lot worse

the update this morning on the fire -- it's still very hazy here, but no real strong smoke smell at least at our house --- in some areas, people were allowed to go home last night

and we now know that 346 homes are gone -- we also know that one person didn't get out -- and that both of those numbers may get bigger 

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